6 Strategies to Help You Remember to Pray More Often

Does anyone else struggle with remembering to pray throughout the day? Because I can’t be the only one!

It is easy to get going about our day and forget to talk to God. It happens to me way too often. But the more you practice and intentionally make it part of your day, the better you will get at having a continual conversation with Him.

Here are some easy, practical strategies you can use to remind you to pray more often:

1. Use your phone. Set daily reminders or alarms on your phone for every couple hours. Whenever you get that little buzz, use it as a reminder to pray.

2. Sticky notes. Place sticky notes around random places in your home and car as a reminder to talk to God when you see them. You could even write specific prayers on them, and when you see them, pray for whatever it is you have written down.

3. Link prayer to a regular activity. Here are some ideas: Pray every time you get in your car. Pray before each meal or while getting your coffee in the morning. Pray every time you are in the shower or when you brush your teeth. If there is something you do often throughout the day, try to allow that habit to be your reminder to pray.

4. Get a “prayer partner.” This is someone you ask each day how you can be praying for them, and them for you. Even if it isn’t every day, but every week, it will still get you thinking routinely about having those conversations with God.

5. Social media. Each time you open social media, pray for the first person you see.

6. Daily Prayer Time. Set aside a time to pray daily. Doesn’t have to be long, but be consistent to build a habit. I highly recommend doing this in the morning, as it helps to get your mind in the right place for the day and starts it off focused on God.

I hope you will implement one of these strategies in your upcoming week to help you grow in your prayer life and relationship with God!

Comment below if you struggle with remembering to pray throughout the day and which strategy you think will best help you!