Balanced Eating for Women

Are you tired of dieting? Do you often lose weight only to put it back on again? Do you feel overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of eating plans and fad diets out there? Do you want to gain the knowledge to make healthy eating decisions so that you can feel energized and well?

Kick all those fad diets to the side and learn how to eat to fuel your body by enrolling in my free online course, Balanced Eating for Women.


This course isn’t about fast results, how to drop 20 pounds in a week, or the one quick fix to getting skinny. This course is about making healthy eating a lifestyle. It is about teaching you to make a habit of choosing healthy, balanced eating in a way that is sustainable over the long term.


Here are some of the things you can expect to learn from this course:

  • What food groups are needed to make up a balanced diet.

  • How to easily estimate portion size.

  • How to organize your plate.

  • How to eat intuitively by listening to your body.

  • How to meal prep.

  • Tips for overcoming sugar cravings.

  • Quick, simple, balanced recipes to kick start your balanced eating lifestyle.

  • A 3 Week Balanced Eating Meal Plan.

  • Frequently asked nutrition questions.

  • How to incorporate more veggies into your diet.

After this course, you will have all the information and practical

strategies you need to start building a healthy eating habit!

You also receive my 3 Week Balanced Eating Meal Plan upon

completion of the course!

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"This course is very user friendly and can be helpful and informative no matter what level you’re at with your health. Kasey breaks things down piece by piece making them very easy to implement in your lifestyle.


The key element I learned is to do what works for YOU! It’s not a one size fits all lifestyle. It’s listening to your body and following where where it leads you."

- Janelle L.

"I LOVED  Kasey's Balanced Eating course. I learned so much! It's really nice to actually know what makes up the foods and nutrients that I see or hear about all the time. 


My favorite parts were definitely the portion control and meal timing/frequency arts. They made things so much easier  and WAY less stressful! Thank you so much for creating this resource and putting it out  there for free."

- Alyssa M.