Hey l adies!

I am so glad you are here with me. I am continually trying to grow in my faith and wellness, and I hope you are ready to join me! 


God has blessed us with INCREDIBLE bodies, and by taking care of them we are better equipped to glorify him and love others well. To learn more about how to cultivate a lifestyle of faith and wellness, check out my blog posts, the podcast, workout videos, free nutrition courses, workbooks and more!




Want to learn more about growing in your  faith, how to create a healthy living space, clean beauty, fitness and more? Check out my blog!



Take my free course, Balanced Eating for Women. Learn all about having a balanced diet and receive my 3 week Balanced Eating Meal Plan!



Hey girl! Come join me and my friends on my podcast, Clothed In Strength. We talk all about ways to growing in our faith and wellness as women.

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Ready to give your body some love, get fit and stay active? Download my 16 week FITFIGURE Training Program for FREE!


Tune into my podcast, Clothed in Strength, where we talk about how to cultivate a lifestyle of faith and wellness. On my podcast, we talk about how to take care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I cover topics like body image and confidence, how to fuel our body with the food we eat, ways we can grow in our spiritual life, how to clean up our home and beauty routine and more! I am so excited for you to be here to join me on this lifelong journey of growing in our faith and wellness together.

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Work Ou t with Me


Are you tired of dieting? Do you often lose weight only to put it back on again? Do you feel overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of eating plans and fad diets out there? Do you want to gain the knowledge to make healthy eating decisions so that you can feel energized and well?

Well have I got a course for you! Click the button below to enroll in my free online course, Balanced Eating for Women. Here are some of the things you can expect to learn from this course:

  • What food groups are needed to make up a balanced diet.

  • How to easily estimate portion size.

  • How to organize your plate.

  • How to eat intuitively by listening to your body.

  • How to meal prep.

  • Tips for overcoming sugar cravings.

  • Quick, simple, balanced recipes to kick start your balanced eating lifestyle.

  • How to incorporate more veggies into your diet.

After this course, you will have all the information and practical strategies you need to start building a healthy eating habit! You also receive my

3 Week Balanced Eating Meal Plan upon completion.

The Well

Want to work out with me? Join me at The Well, a faith-based subscription platform that offers practical and informative resources to help women achieve a more well rounded self-care routine that is honoring to God. 

As a founder of The Well, I am responsible for creating your workouts and coaching you through them! Head on over to The Well and try two of this month's workouts!